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Share your perspectives! Complete the following sentence with your own words and inspirations:

Community Action Is...
We are gathering these responses to inspire our community throughout the R3PIC virtual event experience. We will also plan to share them during event breaks on the day of the event and social media. Let's lift each other up. Please share your voice with us.

Please share what community action means to you. When you submit your form or email responses, it will go to and be shared to inspire and encourage others through other communications channels. You have the options to fill out the form and send a video. See below.

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Option 2 - Submit a Video Response

Using your phone, computer or mobile device, capture a video or picture and send to Video submissions MUST be 30 seconds or less in length in one of the following versions: MP4 attachment, MOV attachment or YouTube link.

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Social Media Channels Are Powerful!

Also, get involved — leave a comment or shoutout on an initiative you love via FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other channels of our network's community. Let's multiply our voices!